Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Dementia residents have needs which are unique to the disease and post challenges to non-specialized nursing facilities. The dedicated Azalea, Bluebonnet, and Crepe Myrtle suites at the House of Hope are specially designed to provide continuum care that matches the progressive nature of the disease.

All staff members receive specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia training on a continuing basis.

The House of Hope Campus

Each architecturally designed suite is comprised of fifteen private rooms and a central nurse’s station. Offering a warm, home-like environment, this beautiful facility provides each resident with their own private bathroom, shower and view of landscaped courtyards.

Additional amenities available include a private dining room for family gatherings, a beauty salon (for additional charge), and overnight guest rooms for visiting family members to enjoy (please call 940-689-7200 for nightly rate). 

Family Support

Family members are an integral part of the care planning process. This helps to keep family members or responsible parties informed of their loved one’s progress. Our staff works with each resident’s personal physician to create a comprehensive yet flexible plan for care that addresses the resident’s unique needs.


House of Hope residents participate in specialized activities designed to engage and stimulate. Supervised by a Certified Activity Director, the activity team plans and implements individual and group activities to enhance daily living for residents. Weekly chapel services, pet therapy, monthly birthday celebrations and bus rides are regular components of our activity calendar.


Proper nutrition and appetizing meals are a priority at the House of Hope. The dietary department strives to provide nutritionally appropriate meals and snacks that meet the varying dietary needs of each resident while making each meal a delicious experience. Meals are often prepared on the suite to inspire an atmosphere of friendship and conversation.

Community Support Group

The House of Hope facilitates support groups to help manage the emotions and pressures that often affect family members.

The community support group is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association to reach out to people who are caring for their loved one and going through the journey of dementia. Individuals can discuss their challenges and share concerns in an encouraging and supportive environment. Meeting programs vary and may include open discussion, viewing a video, guest speaker presentations and more.

Whether your loved one is at home with you, at another facility or at the House of Hope, you are welcome to join us on the last Tuesday of each month for encouragement and support. Call for meeting time and location: (940) 689-7200 or

The House of Hope is located at 5100 Stone Lake Drive in Wichita Falls, Texas.

More Information

For a personal tour and admission information:
Penny Baker, Administrator (940) 689-7205

For assessment and admissions:
Kim Lewallen, RN, Director of Nursing (940) 689-7206


Tips for Making the Journey Joyful

(Keep these in mind if you have a loved one with dementia.)

  1. Do not engage in argument
  2. Talk about the “good old days”
  3. Do “work” activities together (fold towels, wash dishes)
  4. Sing together favorite songs (hymns and older songs)
  5. Create a calm environment (turn the TV volume down)
  6. Go outside and feed birds, rake leaves, sit and talk
  7. Redirect attention instead of correcting
  8. Build up their self-esteem (ask them for advice or help)
  9. Just be there (hold hands, put on lotion, read to them)
  10. Pray with them
  11. Keep a “failure free” attitude
  12. Reassure and stay positive