Tribute Gift

How many times have you struggled with what to send someone on a special occasion or what to say when a loved one passes? A tribute gift is the perfect, meaningful gesture for anyone of any age.

Your gift will make a life-changing difference for an older adult and, at the same time, bless someone you care about. There are many occasions when a tribute gift is appropriate:

  • In memory of someone passing
  • In memory of someone you want to memorialize
  • In honor of a birth
  • In honor of a retirement
  • In honor or in memory on a special day such as Mother’s Day or other holiday
  • In honor or in memory commemorating a special occasion or remembrance

When you give a tribute gift, we send the individual or family a notification of your thoughtfulness. We also let them know that they (or their loved one) inspired a gift that will help older adults lead better lives.

Gifts can be made in any amount to fit your budget.

If you would like to discuss your tribute gift or have any questions, please contact our Giving Coordinator if you would like to discuss your gift at (940) 696-8644 or