Legacy Gift

With a Legacy Gift, You Help Secure the Future

Did you know that 80% of the generous people who mention charities in their will are not wealthy but people of average means? These gifts are straightforward and easy to make, often by adding one simple page to your existing will. And they do not affect your bank account or income during your lifetime.

Why remember older adults in your will? Here are some of the reasons compassionate donors have mentioned Presbyterian Manor’s Good Samaritan Fund in their will:

  • They wanted to leave a legacy that will live on beyond their own life
  • They wanted to help others less fortunate
  • They wanted to support their community
  • They wanted to be remembered favorably
  • They wanted to make a difference
  • They wanted to make their family proud
  • They wanted to honor a family member or a dear friend
  • They wanted to say “thank you” to the place they called Home

Including Presbyterian Manor’s Good Samaritan Fund in your will ensures that older adults will continue to receive the dignified and compassionate care they deserve as members of our greatest generation. And a gift of care to older adults, who are such an integral part of our society, benefits us all.

Family First, Then Others

It is our philosophy that you take care of your own first. These are the people God has given you to bless the most while on this earth. After taking care of those closest to you, there are a number of ways you can decide to leave a gift that allow you to fulfill your other important obligations first.

  • A residual gift is a kind of “leftover” gift after all your obligations have been met. For example, you might wish to leave a specific amount of money to each of your grandchildren. These gifts would be distributed after any outstanding bills were paid from your estate. After both of these distributions were made, whatever is left in the estate would be your charitable gift to Presbyterian Manor’s Good Samaritan Fund.
  • A specific gift of cash or property allows you to direct a particular dollar amount to The Good Samaritan Fund.
  • A percentage gift of your estate allows you to keep your gift to The Good Samaritan Fund in proportion to other charities you want to remember, such as equally dividing a percentage among three of your favorite charities.
  • Additionally, you may wish to discuss living trusts, life insurance gifts, retirement plan assets or other options. Please let us know if you are considering any of these giving options and would like to have more information. [see link info below for this]

Leaving a gift in your will need not be burdensome. Rather, you are making plans to bless those you love the most and the causes you hold closest to your heart. Preparing your will should give you great joy knowing you plans will bless others in the future.

Other Funds at Presbyterian Manor

Gifts from a will, great or small, can do amazing things! They help to support the future of Presbyterian Manor. For example, unrestricted gifts to the General Fund are applied to the most urgent need and can purchase a vehicle with handicap features to take residents on outings safely, upgrade medical equipment in our nursing centers, establish new services in areas of unmet needs, fund employee education scholarships or deliver comprehensive services to seniors in our care.

Please take a moment to fill out this Confidential Gift Information Form to let us know how we can assist you.